Kids Birthday Parties


Origami & Craft Party

  • Kids of all ages can have fun and be creative with my origami ideas
  • All parties are normally 1.5 hour in length
  • I supply all of the materials
  • I will make you a piece of origami cake
  • The birthday girl/boy gets a bonus surprise
  • Price per child: $15

Jewellery Making Party

  • Kids of all ages can have fun and create their own jewellery!(necklace, bracelet and piercing)
  • Parties are normally 1.5 hours in length
  • Pick and choose from a variety of different beads and jewellery pieces!
  • The birthday girl gets a special gift from me
  • The kids won't forget this party, it is so much fun!
  • Price per child: $20

Origami & Jewellery Combination Party

  • If you can't decide, how about origami + jewellery!
  • We can do jewellery making and origami
  • The parties normally go for 2 hours
  • Price per child: $25