Origami Class – Free Trial

Hi everyone, it has been a while πŸ™‚

I will be posting more over the next few weeks but I wanted to let everyone know that I will be running an origami class on 17th June. It is FREE for first trial, so if you know anyone with kids who would be interested please share this with them. You can find more details on my Facebook page!!

click here to go to the event page πŸ™‚

Also, this Saturday afternoon/evening, I have an event in Gold Coast held in Chinatown, Young and Davenport streets, Southport, Gold Coast CBD, from 2-9pm. It is an multicultural event, so it should be a great event!!

click here to go to the event page on Gold Coast City's website πŸ™‚

Thank you everyone
Maki xx

Hi everybody!

I have had a busy February, I had lots of events and parties - with even more planned for March!!!

I held a workshop for the Japanese festival called Kisaragi-sai. It was very hot day but we could all stay cool doing origami.

I had a few origami & jewellery making parties and tomorrow I have BrisStyle event on Friday 3rd March. Take a look at my pics πŸ™‚

There is a few more events planned for March and April so stay tuned!!!

Maki xx

I’m back!

Hi everyone,

I am back from my break after having my baby boy, and I'm back in Brisbane after a beautiful holiday in Japan - it was nice and cold during my holiday. Brisbane is just so hot...

I have started doing origami birthday parties again!!! I helped a little Brisbane girl celebrate last weekend with an origami and craft party inspired by princesses.

Friday the 3rd of February also marks my first community event for this year - Neon Pop in Brisbane. It is part of BrisAsia Festival and is Brisbane’s favourite all-ages Asian pop culture event. Music, anime and cosplay collide in a super fun homage to all things pop. With non-stop entertainment, fantastic food and an amazing atmosphere, Neon Pop takes over for one night only! I will be making crafts at this free event! Please come and have fun!!!

I will start doing more blogs from now so make sure to keep in touch with what I am doing on here and on my Facebook page.


Green Heart Fair

This Sunday 11th September, I will be running paper craft workshops at the Green Heart Fair from 8am till 2pm. The Green Heart Fair is being held at the Carindale Recreation Reserve.

This event is always lots of fun for everybody. I will be creating beautiful origami and paper craft creations with recycled and unwanted paper.

Hope to see you there!

Green Heart Fair's Website

Short Break for me so I can look after my Baby Boy :)

Hi Everyone,

I've been so busy for the past few months. I've been around Brisbane running workshops and doing markets, plus getting ready for my baby.

I had a beautiful baby boy last Wednesday, and therefore I won't be able to run any workshops or do birthday parties for at least a couple of months.

As soon as I am back up and able to run around like before, I will post again so we can keep making Brisbane Kids smile!!


What I’m up to in May

I've finally had my first market of the year! It was at the Sunday Family Laneways in Stones Corner. It was the first time that this event ran, and it was good. I was running an origami workshop at the same time as having a market stall. I got lots of new comments, and I showed off my brand new products that I made especially for this market.

I've got a busy schedule ahead of me now for May, with the Love Handmade Markets at Redcliffe during the Mother's Day weekend (7th - 8th May). This will be a 2-day event, so I hope the weather is good for that weekend.

A few weekends after Mother's Day is the Green Heart Fair (29th May). I will be running an origami workshop on that day. I hope I can see you at these events...

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5 things to know when planning your child’s next birthday party

Planning on hosting a craft birthday party for your child this year? Over the past few years I've got a few questions you should ask before booking something in.

1. What makes them tick?
- What do they love to do? Do they like doing craft at school, or after school care or at home?
- What sort of craft? Papercraft, origami, jewellery making, colouring in or painting?

2. What is their favourite colour/food/animal?
- Asking them their faveourite colour can help us come up with new ideas for them using their favourite colours.
- Favourite food? Making fake food with craft is so much fun.
- Sometimes kids love strange animals! Don't worry, because we can make ANYTHING with craft.

3. What is their age?
- Different ages get excited by different things.
- If they're 5-7 years old, try something where they can interact with the art after they make it (origami ninja star or origami face mask).
- If they're 7-10 years old, something more advanced might be fun - more advanced origami or even jewellery making.
- For those 10 years+, I would recommend more advanced craft - advanced origami or unique jewellery making. Something that stimulates their minds is always populars.

4. Where do you want to host the party?
- Is there enough space at home? Or do you want or host the party elsewhere, where the kids can do other activities later?
- As long as there is enough table space for the kids and enough seats for everyone, we can host a party anywhere.
- Kids seem to know

5. How long do you want it to go for?
- Let's face it, we need to work with the attention span of the kids.
- We want to be making something with craft, but it needs to be rewarding and interactive if possible. Jewellery making parties allow kids to wear their creations home and to show their friends and family.

I always discuss all of these details with the parents who in turn can talk with the kids about exactly what they want. I'm very flexible and can normally do anything they want and make it fun and interesting for them.

Washi – Beautiful origami paper from Japan

As my end of year Japan trip gets closer, I am getting very excited about visiting the amazing washi shops which are scattered throughout the towns and cities of Japan.

What is washi? Washi is a type of paper that was first produced in Japan. Washi is tougher than regular paper, as it is made from the fibres of particular types of trees, rather than wood pulp.

Washi used to be used to make household items like clothes, toys, decorations and objects to be presented at shrines for the Shinto faith.

Washi is different to regular paper, as less chemicals are used to produce it. Cold weather is preferred when the long and complex process is started to produce washi. Pure, cold running water is required to produce washi. The cold water stops bacteria growing in the fibres, and also makes the fibres contract - which gives washi the crisp feeling that you may have felt before. In the past, it was an alternative income for farmers in the winter months when crops or livestock couldn't survive the harsh winters.

In Japan, we were making from 600AD, so the creation of washi is over 1,400 years old now! The Kozo tree (or paper mulberry) is the most commonly used tree used in the production of washi. The inner bark of the Kozo tree is pounded and mixed with water to produce a paste, which is then shaken and dried into sheets in an even manner.

The washi can then have beautiful prints placed on it. The absorbency, strength and unique texture of washi leads to unique images and a sense of depth in the image than we can normally find.

These reasons are why I choose washi to make my pieces of origami jewellery. The toughness and beauty of the paper makes it perfect - and it is a very Japanese paper. Perfect to make paper cranes from.

I'll show you some of the amazing washi I find on my travels in Japan.

See you at the BrisStlye Bazaar on Saturday 12th December from 9am!

BrisStyle Bazaar

The final market for Maki's Art for the year is this Saturday 12th December. It will be the BrisStyle Bazaar. Over 50 market stalls will be ready for business inside the Whale Mall (near the Queensland Museum).

I will have my origami jewellery for sale - and I will be offering some Christmas Deals! Come and ask me for a deal!

I am developing new ideas for Christmas products too. If you pop by and visit me, you'll be able to see some beautiful Christmas tree Origami Crane decorations. These can give your Christmas tree a very peaceful & calm look, and hopefully bring you good luck into 2016.

See you on Saturday at 9am!